The TwinDrag system is synonymous with Accurate Reels, but what exactly is it?

In the post I will attempt to explain this patented drag system in simple and easy to understand terms.

For an in depth and detailed explanation of the system, make sure you read the full post on the Accurate Reels Website.

How The TwinDrag System Works:

On each side of the spool there are carbon fiber washers, and stainless steel washers.

When drag is being applied to the spool, the stainless steel washers are applying pressure to the carbon fiber drag material. The amount of drag being applied, depends on how much drag has been set by the lever drag control.

The more drag you set, the more the stainless steel washers compress on the spool as they shift closer and closer. Therefore exerting more friction and drag.

When you reduce the drag setting by pulling the lever back, the stainless steel washers move away from spool and carbon fiber drag material. Therefore exerting less friction and drag.

When the drag lever is pulled all of the way back, the reel will eventually be in complete free spool. At this point the left and right stainless steel friction washers will have pulled apart from the spool.

The stainless washers are engineered and machined with slots to reduce weight, but without a loss in strength. This will also allow for better heat dissipation.

The best way to visualize how this drag system, is by picturing a vice that you might have in your garage or workshop. The principle of operation is exactly the same.

How TwinDrag Is Different To Single Drag:

Washers Stella

Typical Drag Washers For A Single Spool Reel

As we have seen above, Accurate’s TwinDrag system applies to both sides of the spool.

With a single drag reel, the drag is only applied to one side of the spool.

When you have a fish on, and are loaded up with drag, all of the drag pressure will be on one side of the reel.

You will have experienced this with a big fish on. When you wind the handle, the rod and reel wants to rotate towards the side with the drag and handle. This can be uncomfortable, and can make it a reel struggle to smoothly fight the fish.

Everything becomes quite jerky.

With the TwinDrag System, the full amount of drag is split and evenly delivered on each side of the spool. This creates much better balance, smoother drag delivery, and better heat distribution.

So when you’re loaded up with drag and have a big fish on, your ability to fight the fish will be much less jerky, and the reel won’t be so unbalanced.

This is why many people who try Accurate reels for the first time become converts and stay loyal for life!

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