All anglers need a solid and good quality spinning reel in their tackle arsenal. But where do you begin? The spin reel market has truly exploded and we are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to purchasing a new reel.

Whilst very experience anglers may know exactly what they require out of a reel, it can be very overwhelming for your average and novice angler when trying to choose the right spinning reel for them.

So to help you make your decision, on this page we have a full breakdown of the best spinning reels for 2019. This will ensure you get the best value for your money, and a reel that will provide years of quality fishing.

The Top Rated Spinning Reels Compared:

Spinning Reel:Gear Ratio:Weight:Bearings:
Shimano Stradic Ci4+6.0:16.7 - 8.1 oz6+1
Daiwa BG5.3:1 - 5.7:18.5 - 30.0 oz6+1
Pflueger Supreme XT6.2:16.0 - 8.7 oz10
Abu Garcia Revo SX6.2:17.2 - 9.2 oz9
Shimano Stradic FK6.2:1 6.9 - 11.3 oz7
Penn Clash4.7:1 - 6.2:18.2 - 27.2 oz9

1. Shimano Stradic Ci4+

Shimano Stradic Ci4+

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The Shimano Stradic Ci4+ is hands down one of the most popular reels on the market. It is by far one of the best spin reels that you can purchase. It is universally liked among recreational and professional anglers.

The Ci4+ is a mid priced reel. So it is slightly more expensive than some of your other value for money spinning reels. But boy do you get your moneys worth! With this reel you get absolute quality and precision, and will perform flawlessly for years to come. This is a solid go to reel that every angler should consider adding to their arsenal.

With the reels carbon fiber infused frame and handle, this reel is nice and light, yet strong and sturdy. Also with no metal parts, these reels are ideal in a saltwater environment, yet equally at home in freshwater.

The party piece of this reel is its drag. It is gorgeously smooth, yet also has the power to give you confidence fighting a big inshore species, or a big bass trying to go deep on you.

The Stradic Ci4+ has also returned to a paddle grip handle. Many anglers prefer this style of grip when fishing lighter gear in shallow environments. These grips are great for quick reactions and precise movements when a fish strikes.

The Ci4+ comes in 4 sizes.

Models: STCI41000HGFB, STCI42500HGFB, STCI43000HGFB, STCI44000XGFB

2. Daiwa BG:

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

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The Daiwa BG Series of reels is a stalwart among anglers. The origins of the BG have been around since the dawn of time! Once a crown held by PENN, the Daiwa BG has pinched the title of best value for money in our opinion.

Why? …

Because in 2016 Daiwa did a major revamp of the BG series and packed it full of features that are found in Daiwa’s much more expensive reels. All the while keep the price around the $100USD mark.

The BG has an aluminium construction, and has a powerful carbon drag system that has excellent waterproofing protection. There are 7 ball bearings, and combined with the digitally cut gears, this reel is beautifully smooth. The BG has also been fitted with a quality anti-reverse system which provides great peace of mind about an anti reverse failure. The 4000 and below feature the Instant Anti-Reverse System, and the larger reels have a Dual Infinite Anti-Reverse System.

The smaller sizes are perfect for the freshwater, and saltwater inshore angler. The larger sizes are excellent fishing in an offshore environment.

The Daiwa BG is a incredible solid powerhouse of a reel. For the price you pay, you will be very impressed with the years of hard working performance that you will get from these reels. This is a spinning reel that has been on the market a long time, and comes with a proven pedigree history.

The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel comes in 10 sizes.

Models: BG1500, BG2000, BG2500, BG3000,

BG3500, BG4000, BG4500, BG5000, BG6500,


To check out our full review of the Daiwa BG, Click Here.

3. Pflueger Supreme XT:

Pflueger Supreme XT

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The Pflueger Supreme XT is a reel that surprises everyone who comes across it. Don’t be fooled by the price tag. This is a high performance reel, for a price of $119-$149 USD depending on the model, it is well worth a look.

Let’s start with the construction. The core body components, such as the rotor, side plate and body are made of magnesium, which is a very high grade material. This allows the reel to be incredibly light. To further aid in reducing the weight of the reel, the handle is constructed of a carbon fiber composite.

Other features include, a 10 bearing stainless steel ball bearing system. A braid ready spool, allowing braid to be directed directly to the spool. The drag is carbon, and is sealed to further protect from corrosion resistance.

All of this combines to provide a lightweight and very smooth reel. If you take a look at all the reviews of this reel, it is nearly universally positive. Anglers love how smooth the reel is, and how great a reel it is to cast. Finally it is a reel that represents incredible value for money. This could be your first high performance reel, without having to spend a fortune.

4. Abu Garcia Revo SX:

Abu Garcia Revo SX

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The Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel has been completely overhauled from the earlier model. This is a nice looking reel, that is very lightweight. This is a result of using Abu Garcias IM-C6 body design. Coupled with a carbon body, and what is called an X-Craftic Alloy gearbox. Don’t be put off by the fancy marketing names for this technology, this stuff works very well to create a lightweight yet rigid reel.

The Revo SX features an aluminium spool, a powerful drag called the Carbon Matrix Drag System, 8 stainless steel ball bearings. These reels are very good for long and accurate casting. This is a result of the Rocket Spool Lip Design, Rocket Line Management System, and the Everlast bail system.

The Abu Garcia Revo SX is a high quality and well performing reel. They’re very smooth and will provide you with years of service. I have a couple of much older Abu Garcia’s and they are still going strong, despite the abuse I give them!

There are 4 sizes available.

Models: REVO2SX10, REVO2SX20, REVO2SX30,



5. Shimano Stradic FK:

Shimano Stradic HGFK

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The Shimano Stradic FK has undergone a significant overhaul from Shimano, as they push the boundaries with technology and design. Shimano has utilized it’s Hagane technology in the Stradic, allowing them to create a very rigid reel. This has significantly reduced flex in the reel when it is under load with a good fish. Shimano has also used it’s X-Ship technology, which makes the Stradic incredibly smooth yet powerful.

All of these changes from Shimano, have resulted in a reel that is 10% lighter than earlier versions of the Stradic.

Other features include a very good water proofing system for the drag, and there are 7 ball bearings that add to the beautiful smoothness of this reel.

The Stradic has always been a popular reel for anglers. But I think this generation of the reel is the best by far. If you are looking to expand your fishing experience, and are considering purchasing your first higher quality reel, then you should give the Shimano Stradic FK some serious consideration.

There are 5 sizes available, with Shimano having discontinued the 6000 and 8000 sizes.

Models: ST1000HGFK, ST2500HGFK, ST3000HGFK,


6. Penn Clash:

Penn Clash

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There are many who say that the Penn Clash series of reels is the best Spinning Reel that Penn has ever made. The debate always heats up between the Clash and the Battle II. Either way, this a reel packed with technology, and in usual Penn fashion, allows anglers to cover a wide variety of fishing.

The Penn Clash have a great combination of power and smoothness. This is a result of aluminium construction, aluminium/brass main gear combine with a brass pinion.

The HT-100 drag system is powerful and smooth, it is also sealed. The 8 stainless steel ball bearings provide great resistance to corrosion. The Clash features Penn’s instant anti-reverse bearing, aluminium spool combined with line capacity rings, and a heavy duty bail arm.

The other party piece of the Penn Clash is how rigid it is. Smaller sizes have carbon-fiber balanced rotor, and the larger ones are constructed of aluminium. This balancing which Penn calls Techno-Balancing, does a wonderful job of reducing wobble. The reel also has a system called Leveline. This is a slow oscillation system, which lays braid flat, therefore allowing for better casting.

If you your a Penn fan, or this is your first Penn reel, then this is the one to go with. These things sell very well, so get in quick!

The Penn Clash comes in 7 sizes.

Models: CLA2000, CLA2500, CLA3000, CLA4000,

CLA5000, CLA6000, CLA8000

How To Choose The Best Spinning Reel?

It can be very overwhelming knowing what to look for when purchasing the best spinning reel. You can get very in depth looking at all of the specifications, figures and fancy names that reel manufacturers create to market their reel technology. To simplify this for you, below is the 4 best things you should consider in a reel.

Below are just basics that you should look at, but if you keep it simple and follow these guidelines, you will end up with a reel that will perform well for you.

The Spool: The spool is simply what holds your line. This is the rotating cylinder on the top half of the reel. The spool is tied to the line capacity of the reel. There for it comes in multiple sizes for a specific model of reel. Some manufacturers will have models with 2 to 3 spool sizes, and others can have as many as 10. As you increase the spool size of a reel, the line capacity goes up. Most reel makers will indicate the line capacity for a reel with both mono filament and braided line.

Bonus Tip: Some manufacturers will sell reels with a spare spool. This is a great option, as it allows you to have a spare spool with a different weight or type of line ready as a fast back up.

Bearings: There is a common misconception that the greater the number of bearings a reel has, the smoother and better it is. Manufacturers and sellers will try and use the number of bearings in a reel as a selling point. Your aim is a to purchase as smooth a reel as possible, and sure the ball and roller bearings will help with that.

But a reel is smooth due to its design. This incorporates the use of bearings, but there are other factors that you should consider. When it comes to the bearings of a reel, I would focus on the following factors:

  • The material used to make the bearings.
  • How the bearings are positioned in the reel.
  • The corrosion proofing and protection of the bearings.

Having a large number of bearings, constructed of poor quality material, that are badly designed and not protected for corrosion will cause you more headaches. The reel will not be verys mooth for long, and will have the risk of seizing up very quickly.

Having less bearings, but they’re well designed, sealed or corrosion proofed, and constructed of high quality material, will be just as smooth and will remain smooth over the life of the reel.

Drag: The drag is a big part of any fishing reel. In most cases you do want the reel that will offer you the greatest amount of drag for its size. However this should not be your sole deciding factor. A good drag system provides plenty of stopping power, but it also applies the drag nice and smoothly.

A reel with a high maximum drag, yet is clunky, complicated and jerky to operate is of no use. A poor drag system like this will cause you to lose more fish than a drag system with less maximum drag, but smoother application and ease of use.

You need to try and find the sweet spot, of a powerful AND smooth drag when looking for a spinning reel.

Reel Body Material: What is the best material for a spinning reel to be constructed of? There is no right answer to this. There are spinning reels that are nearly all carbon fiber, or aluminum, some are a combination. Other reels have magnesium in them, or are a mix of patented construction. It all gets very overwhelming.

I wouldn’t put so much focus on what exact technology and material a manufacturer has used to construct their reel. You should be more interested in finding the right balance between the reel being as light as possible, yet as rigid and as strong as possible when under load.

A light reel made out of fancy materials is no good to you, if when fighting a good fish the reel flexes and bends, and does not maintain its rigidity. It will make it that much harder to exert any pressure on the fish. So try and get a reel that is as light as possible in terms of weight, yet still maintains good strength and rigidity.

Also, the materials should be corrosion resistant, so always check for that as well.


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