The Okuma Helios SX spinning reel has been around for a while now. But it’s still proving to be a very popular reel.

This reel was a huge leap forward in technology for the ever improving Okuma.

This is a very robust and smooth reel, yet incredibly light due to it’s unique design features.

It is the light weight attributes that have made this reel popular among anglers who spend all day casting lures and baits.

So let’s breakdown some of the features in the Helios SX, and take a closer look.

A Breif Overview Of The Okuma Helios SX:

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The key feature of the Helios is the use of carbon fiber and aluminium materials.

C-40X Carbon Fiber

C-40X Carbon Fiber

This is Okuma’s long strand carbon fiber technology. The material is significantly stronger than graphite, and is also completely anti-corrosive. Composites such as Carbon Fiber are strong and durable.

Centrifugal Disc Bail

Centrifugal Disc Bail:

The goal was to develop a bail arm that was perfectly balanced, and smooth. There is nothing worse than a stiff bail arm that wants to keep popping back into place when casting. The design of the CDB bail arm has worked well, and has proven popular with anglers casting lures.

Progressive Drag System

Progressive Drag System:

The drag knob on the Helios SX is constructed of carbon fiber. The drag system is set up to allow for fine tuning of the drag when fighting a fish. This is good, as it prevents sudden large drag changes which can bust line, or provide a sudden amount of slack line allowing the hook to dislodge.

Torsion Control Armor

Torsion Control Armor:

Instead of a single stem attaching the reel body to the rod. The Helios uses a double arm design. This helps to keep the reel light, and also balances the forces acting on the reel when under high loads. Resistance to flex and torsion also helps to keep the internals of the reel in alignment.

So there we have it, a simple breakdown of some of the unique features of this reel.

There is a lot of technology that has gone into this reel, and for how light weight and smooth it is, this is a great value for money spinning reel.

At around the $100-$120 price point, you are getting a very durable reel, that won’t corrode on you. This is a reel that you can cast all day without getting too fatigued.