The 13 Fishing Concept A3 Baitcasting reel is small in size, yet packed with power. This reel is lightweight, but packs a huge amount of power. It is also very versatile as it is designed to be used in Saltwater and Freshwater.

The reel frame is constructed of a heavy duty aluminium, combined with a carbon side plate. A Bulldog drag system putting out 30+ lbs of fish stopping power, paired with Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing and an oversize HAM main gear. It is easy to see that the Concept A3 means business!

The reel also features an anti-corrosion ball bearings, 6 way centrifugal braking, and 13 Fishings Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection. An aluminium handle featuring the popular Concept Cork knobs. This reel is ideal for casting big baits, fishing freshwater, or large inshore saltwater species.

Models Available:

A3-6.3-RH, A3-6.3-LH, A3-8.1-RH, A3-8.1-LH

The Concept A3 is available in both right hand and left hand models in both the 6.3 & 8.1 geared modules.

As a bonus all reels come with a power handle as extra in the box.

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13 Fishing Concept A3 Main Features & Technology:

Bull Dog Drag System: Providing over 30+ lbs of max drag. The Bull Dog Drag System allows you to put a stop on the hardest fighting fish. All with smooth precision.

Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater Protection Process: Enjoy great versatility with these reels, by being able to fish in both saltwater and freshwater environments. The protection process is designed to protect all vulnerable parts of the reel from getting wet. This provides the angler great peace of mind.

H.A.M Gearing System: The H.A.M (Hard As Mother) gears are hardened brass that have been cut with Japanese Hamai precision. This makes the gears substantially stronger and thicker than other baitcasting reels.

Dead Stop Anti-Reverse System: This is a very good feature that works well. It prevents any back play in the reel. And allows for really solid and firm hooks up.

Concept Cork Knobs: These are a very popular handle. A rubberized cork that fits really comfortable in the hand, with the 13 Fishing logo branded on them. All reels also come with a power handle in the box that is interchangeable.

Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate: The side plate is attached to reel and spring loaded. This is great, as it prevents the angler from dropping the side plate into the water! This carbon side plate houses the 6 pin brake adjustment system.

Trick Shop Compatible: If you want to make adjustments to your reel to match your personal preferences, the A3 is compatible with the 13 Fishing Trick Shop. This allows you to swap out many of the components of the A3 with other models.

HD Aluminium Gear & Side Plate: Providing the reel with strong sturdiness, allowing you to flight very large fish. Yet at the same time remaining light weight and protected in harsh fishing environments.

Airfoil Carbon Palm Side Plate: The carbon is very light weight, and provides a nice smooth surface to rest in the palm of your hand. This lets the hanger maintain a really firm grip on the reel, whilst maintaining a very light feel at the same time.

Arrowhead Line Guide System: This system is designed to maintain a free flowing line and prevent backlash. At the same time evenly distribute the line on and off the spool, without any snags or resistance. The Line Guide System will give you confidence in your casting.

Drag Quality


Casting Ability


Build Quality



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Concept A3 Baitcasting Reel Technical Specifications:

  • Power Handle & Paddle Handle
  • Concept cork knobs
  • 1 year warranty
  • HD Aluminum Frame and Gear Sideplate
  • Airfoil Carbon Palm Sideplate
  • Machined forged, double anodized aluminum, U-shaped large capacity spool.
  • H.A.M. Gearing System
  • Dead Stop Anti-Reverse System
  • Seven ball bearings
  • Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater Protection Process
  • New H.A.M. Gearing System
  • Dead Stop Anti-Reverse System
  • Concept Cork Knobs + Power Handle
  • Beetle Wing Rapid Access Sideplate
  • Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing
  • Trick Shop Compatible
  • Arrowhead Line Guide System
  • Bull Drag System
Model:Body:Max Drag (lbs):Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb):Weight (oz):Bearings:Gear Ratio:Retrieve:Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb):Line Retrieve Per Crank (in):Spool Material:Handle Shape:Color:
A3-6.3-RHAluminium30+180/5510.576.3:1Right240/1228.8"AluminumDouble flat paddleBlack
A3-8.1-RHAluminium30+180/5510.578.1:1Right240/1237"AluminiumDouble flat paddleBlack
A3-6.3-LHAluminium30+180/5510.576.3:1Left240/1228.8"AluminiumDouble flat paddleBlack
A3-8.1-LHAluminium30+180/5510.578.1:1Left240/1237"AluminiumDouble flat paddleBlack

Our Review:

This is a really versatile reel. It is designed to be fished in both freshwater and saltwater inshore environments. It is great for casting around big baits, and is powerful and big enough to do the job.

The rubberized cork knobs with the 13 Fishing logo branded on them, are a very popular feature of this reel. The knobs feel really comfortable, and work well with the ergonomic long double handle. The handle along with the star drag bend in towards the reel, creating more space for your hand and fingers. As a bonus all reels come with a power handle for those anglers who don’t want to fish with a double paddle handle.

Constructed of aluminum with a carbon side plate, the reel feels nice and light. It fits very nicely in the palm of the anglers hand. It is a 300 sized reel, so it is a larger reel, yet it manages to still be very low profile. Yet at 10.5 oz it is a nice and light reel. The reel also includes 7 ball bearings and comes in either a 6.3 or 8.1 gear ratio.

The drag on this reel is fantastic. With 30 + lbs drag, it is really powerful. Combining that with a big oversize main gear, and Japanese gear precision. There is a huge amount of power packed into this reel.

This is not a light weight baitcaster, it is a heavy duty reel that means business. These reel is very well built, it comes coated in a saltwater protective coating, and anti corrosion bearings. So it can be fished hard in both saltwater and freshwater. This reel is right up there with it’s Daiwa and Shimano counterparts, and worth serious consideration by any angler.

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