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(Images Copyright & Courtesy Of Accurate Fishing Reels)

The Accurate Tern series is the first star drag reel from Accurate.

This is also the first ever Twin Star drag reel to be produced in the world.

With the development of lighter reel bodies and their CVX design, this was the next logical step for Accurate.

In short, this is a Aluminium reel, with stainless steel gears and bearings, with a twin star drag system producing up to 30lbs.

Models & Sizes Available:

Models: TX-300X, TX-300XL, TX-300, TX-300L, TX-400X, TX-400XL, TX-400, TX-400L, TX-500X, TX-500XL, TX-500, TX-500L

There are 3 sizes of reel to choose, all with the option of 2 different gear ratios.

So, you can get a 300, 400 or 500 size reel and with either a 6.1 or 4.7:1 gear ratio.

All models are available in left or right hand.

Accurate Tern TwinStar Drag Reel Features & Technology:

Tern TwinStar Technology

Twin Star Drag:

This is the show piece of this new reel. Conventionally a reel will have a stack of washers on one side of the reel to deliver the drag. The Tern is much different, as it has a stainless steel and carbon fiber washer on each side of the main gear. This will result in a much smoother delivery of drag.

Star Drag Control:

The star control has been designed to be very ergonomic in the anglers hand. Each click of the star allows for precise drag adjustment and control.

6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction:

As is a signature feature of all Accurate reels, the Tern is constructed with aircraft grade aluminium which as been anodized. This provides the reel with incredible strength, yet allows it to be very lightweight.

Stainless Steel Main Gear:

A very strong and robust system. The main gear is heat treated, and is very corrosion resistant.

Accurate Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse Bearing:

The Tern comes with the infamous stainless steel anti-reverse bearing. This bearing simply will not fail, giving you confidence with big fish.

Aluminium Power Knob:

The handle and ball knob are constructed with aluminium. They are very strong, and the ball fits very comfortably in your hand, allowing you to exert plenty of leverage on a good fish.

Sleeved Spool: 

This improves the reels casting performance.



Drag Power To Weight Ratio


Build Quality


Value For Money

Our Review:

As with anything from Accurate, this reel is packed with their best engineering, technologies and materials.

The Twin Star Drag is a world first, and is yet to be tested by the market. But anglers are already excited about this latest development.

Like any reel from this reel manufacturer, the Tern will be of the highest quality, and highly successful.

The Tern is a light weight and compact reel, yet it will produce a whopping 30lbs of maximum drag. The reel has plenty of stopping power, and is ideal for anglers targeting inshore and large nearshore species.

Drag is delivered very smoothly, and the star drag control is simple to use, ergonomic and very precise.

Pro anglers have highlighted that this reel is also a good casting reel, and will cast small lures and baits very well.

If you like fishing star drags, and if you’re looking for a new star drag reel that will give you great versatility and will last for many years, then the Tern is worth considering.

This is a very well priced reel, you get a huge amount of value for your money.

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