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Accurate Reels call themselves “The Home Of Small Reels & Big Fish!”

This is certainly true with the All American made Accurate Valiant 400. The 400 2 Speed is an incredibly versatile, light weight and powerful reel.

If you’re looking for a solid offshore reel, that can double as a great inshore reel, then this reel is worth a look.

The BV2-400 is a 2 Speed reel constructed with aircraft grade aluminium, stainless steel gearing and stainless steel ball bearings. The reel has a powerful Twin Drag system, operated by a lever drag setup.

Models Available:

BV2-400 & BV2-400L

The BV2-400L is a left hand model.

Accurate Valiant 400 2 – Speed Main Features & Technology:

Accurate Valiant Technology

TwinDrag System: 

This is Accurate’s patented system. This is a proven and very popular drag system, all controlled by the lever drag. The system works by having two stainless steel friction washers placed on either side of the spool. The system is very smooth, and capable of producing up to 25lb of maximum drag.

Accustop Calibrated Drag Lever: 

The lever drag on the Valiant 400 is a uniquely engineered feature compared to other lever drag reels. The lever has graduated dots allowing you to position the lever smoothly and it will stay where you put it. The dots system gives you an even way to increase or decrease drag, based on the number of clicks. There is also stops at the maximum drag setting and the free spool setting. You can go up and over each of these stops if required, but the stops are a safety feature to prevent you from suddenly going into free spool or to maximum drag, and losing a good fish.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction:

The body and side plates are constructed from this very light weight, yet very strong aluminium. The body and side plates are anodized.

Stainless Steel Gears & Ball Bearings:

Very strong and corrosion resistant, heat treated gear and bearing system. Where possible the engineers have designed components with cutouts to help reduce weight but not strength.

Direct Shift 2-Speed Gear Mechanism:

Very easy to use system operated by a plunger button at the base of the reel handle. Push the plunger in, and you go into low gear, which will provide a 3:1 ratio. Pop the plunger button out to go in high gear, which will provide a 6:1 ratio.

Sleeve Spool: 

This is designed to give the angler improved castability, and to allow you great line control when live baiting.

Sideplate Clicker:

Apart from giving a warning to anglers when a fish is on when trolling, if you engage the clicker when in free spool it will hold the bait and allow the fish to run with and swallow the bait and hook.

Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse Bearing: 

The anti-reverse bearing on this reel is simply huge! This bearing will not fail.



Drag Power To Weight Ratio


Build Quality


Value For Money

Our Review:

Accurate reels are not as mainstream as many of the other major reel manufacturers. Many people stumble across their products, try them out and never look back!

Accurate has always had a very loyal following of anglers, and the BV2-400 is no excuse.

Let’s begin with how light this reel is. For a reel that is packed with technology, stainless steel internals, and a 2 speed mechanism, this reel is incredibly light. The Valiant 400 only weighs 14.3 Oz. yet will hold 325 yards of 50lb braid, and produce up to 25 lbs of maximum drag.

There is an emerging market for small reels that can be used to target big fish, and this reel is certainly one of the best.

The 2-Speed mechanism allows for incredible versatility with this reel. You can use this reel to target all of your offshore fish such as tuna etc, or it’s just as good being used for bottom fishing for fish like grouper, or anything else you may want to target.

If a fish goes deep on you, then you can pop the reel into low speed. Or if it’s up high in the water column and starts running towards the boat, you can put the reel in high speed and retrieve line quickly.

Overall this is a very powerful reel, with a good smooth drag system, that is very durable, corrosion resistant and well built.

It is my opinion that this reel will provide you with great versatility in your fishing. It will open up the number of species you can target. This reel will allow you to take on some really good fish.

This certainly is a high end reel, however, you’re getting very good value for that money. This is a well built, American designed and constructed reel.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight yet powerful reel, that will last you for many years, then the Accurate Boss Valiant BV2-400 is worth serious consideration.

Personally I can’t wait to get the chance to try this reel out on some large South Pacific Kingfish and Grouper.

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