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The Okuma HSX Spinning Reels have really taken the freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing market by storm. They are incredibly well designed, very smooth and very affordably priced. The unique C-40X graphite and aluminum design, make this reel very light, but beautifully engineered.

There is minimal torsion or flex when this reel is loaded up with a good fish.

The HSX series of spinning reels come in 4 models:

HSX-20, HSX-30, HSX-40, HSX-40S.

The HSX-40S is the high speed model.


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C-40X Construction: 

The Helios HSX benefits from Okuma’s popular long strand carbon fibre construction. To keep it simple, the frame of the reel and the side plates are independent carbon fibre components. This allows the reel to be 25% lighter than its graphite equivalent, also providing less torsion and flexing in the reel.

Torsion Control Armor (TCA):

When a reel is under load the main gear of the reel wants to push itself outward. This is why you feel flex and twist in spinning reels. Okuma has designed the TCA system to minimize that. By using two arms connecting the rear of the reel to the foot a larger footprint is created compared to a single stem. This provides much more stability and absorbtion of flexing and twisting loads.

Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR):

Okuma has completely rethought the rotor system on the SX Spinning Reels. Most reels are designed to keep the water out of the rotor, however these reels use a porting system to allow maximum airflow to evacuate water OUT of the rotor system. This allows for much faster drying of the reel compared to a normal rotor design.

Rotor Equalizing System (RESII): 

This is the second generation rotor equalizing system. This is a weight that has been perfectly balanced and placed in the rotor system. This system helps to minimize any wobble in the spool, and helps give this reel its smooth performance.

Carbon Fiber Drag System: 

Okuma calls this a progressive drag system. The reel has a woven carbon fiber drag knob, that helps to reduce weight.

Alumilite Alloy Gearing: 

Light weight aluminum elliptical gearing with brass pinon.  This makes for a very strong gear system.

Quick-Set Anti-Reverse:

The anti-reverse roller bearing allows you to make solid hook ups on big fish.






Build Quality


Value For Money

Our Review:

This is an incredible value for money freshwater and inshore saltwater spinning reel. These Okuma Helios spinning reels come packed with technology that you will find on much more expensive reels.

Okuma has worked hard to reduce the weight of these reels, whilst also improving the rigidity. They have done well with this, however the reel is so light compared to what most anglers are used to. This takes a while to adjust to and can fool you into thinking the reel is not robust enough. This is not the case and you will soon have confidence stopping large freshwater and inshore saltwater species.

We found these reels to be incredibly smooth, and the drag was more than adequate stopping fish up to the 20lb mark using the HSX-30.

There are 4 models which are all priced roughly the same depending on the retailer.

At that price point, we think this reel is great buying. Okuma keeps pushing the boundaries of technology combined with affordability with each new reel it releases. The Helios SX range is really putting some pressure on the more expensive brands in the same market.

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