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The Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed conventional reel have become a very popular reel. These reels come in a range of sizes perfect for inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing.

The Fathom series is an all metal, light weight reel, that is designed to offer plenty of power to the angler with bid drag pressures. These reels are really well priced considering much of the technology they feature can be found in the higher end Torque 2-Speed and Penn International Reels.

Sizes Available:


The FTH15LD2, FTH25NLD2, FTH30LD2, FTH40NLD2, FTH60LD2 are Right Hand Models.

The FTH25NLD2LH, FTH30LD2LH are Left Hand Models.

The N in the FTH25NLD2, FTH25NLD2LH, FTH40NLD2 stands for Narrow. So these models of the Fathom are narrow and taller on the spool than the standard reels.

Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed Main Features & Technology:

Full Metal Body And Side Plates 

These reels are an all metal construction which keeps them very rigid under load. This helps avoid flexing in the reel which allows for precision gear alignment. The Fathom is made out of a diecast aluminium. This differs from other higher end reels such as the Penn International and the Torque Series which are machined aluminium.

Line Capacity Rings

Standard on all Penn conventional reels these days, these rings allow the angler to know when the line on the spool is at 1/3, 2/3 or Full. This is great when hooked to a good fish, and you need to decide to pull anchor and chase it.

Forged Aluminium Spool 

Is perfect for use in saltwater environments. Combined with the all meta body, these reels are very corrosion resistant. The spools on all sizes of the Fathom can hold a huge amount of line.

Dura-Drag System

This system is constructed of top of the line Penn drag material. This is system is also used in the more expensive Penn International and Torque series reels. The drag system is greased with Dura-Lube creating what is known as a wet drag system.

Quick Shift 2-Speed System

A very easy to use system allowing you to engage and disengage high and low gears in the reel. Push the quick shift button in to go into low, and rotate the knob to pop it out to go into high. This can be done without taking your hand off the reel.

Stainless Steel Gears

Pen has put a lot of effort into improving it’s gear systems over recent years. The Fathom has the trusty Penn stainless steel main gear and pinion gear, with the main gear drilled to reduce weight.

Double-Dog Ratchet Anti Reverse

This is designed to eliminate any slip or play in the handle, allowing for nice and solid hook ups.

5 Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 

The shielded ball bearing system is stainless and corrosion proofed, which gives you even more peace of mind when fishing these reels hard in a saltwater environment.








Value For Money

Our Review:

In short this is a really nice reel from Penn. The market has really taken to it, and for the price they are retailing at they are very good value for money. Also with each new reel release Penn is making some great improvements with the gearing and alignment. This is no exception with the Fathom, I found it to be a really nice and smooth reel to operate.

The Torque 2-Speed is Penn’s high end reel which competes with the likes of the Shimano Talica. This reel is less expensive and designed to be a well priced all rounder, providing reliability, versatility and good value for money.

The reel is all metal, yet it is very light and rigid. Combined with the ability to output a huge amount of drag, the Fathom has a very impressive power to weight ratio.

I found the 2-Speed system is very easy to use. When the button is out you’re in high speed, and by pushing the button in you shift to low speed. All you need to do is twist the knob on the handle and the button pops back out, and you’re in high again.

The reel has a notched drag lever system which is very easy to use, and the clicker is nice and loud.

These reels hold a huge amount of line, so you will be able to fish these reels from jigging to bottom fishing. With the larger models you can target plenty of offshore species such as Tuna, Dorado, Snapper, Grouper.

The best selling model in the Fathom Range is the FTH40NLD2, this a good size reel that will allow you to fish for just about everything from inshore to offshore.

Overall this is a nice smooth reel from trusted reel maker Penn. We think this is very good buying.

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