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The Penn Squall Lever Drag Single Speed conventional reel is a popular and proven design. If you’re looking for a reliable bottom fishing, jigging or even a light trolling reel, then the Penn Squall series are worth consideration.

These reels are very light due to their graphite frame, however they are very sturdy by incorporating stainless steel reinforcements which also enhance the visual appeal.

Models Available:


The SQL30LD, SQL40LD, SQL50LD, SQL60LD are Right Hand Models.

The SQL40LDLH, SQL60LDLH are Left Hand Models.

Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel Main Features & Technology:

Penn Squall Lever Drag Technology

Graphite Construction 

The frame and side plates are constructed of a lightweight graphite, this is reinforced with stainless steel accents to help make this a very rigid and strong reel. These are the lightest graphite lever drag reels that Penn has ever built.

Stainless Steel Main & Pinion Gear

Large stainless steel main gear, and stainless steel pinion. Drilled out to reduce weight. The size of this gear is evident compared to similar reels from other manufacturers. This gives the Penn Squall a better gear ratio, and better improved inches per turn.

Ratcheted Drag Lever

The drag lever is ratcheted to prevent creep in the drag. This can be a problem for fisherman who are doing hours of trolling and/or experience significant vibrations caused by a moving vessel. These sorts of vibrations can create a situation known as drag creep.

6 Stainless Steel Shielded Ball Bearings

All ball bearings are shielded, there is no clutch, instead Penn has opted for a multi stop back up.


You can extend the handle long or short to fit your requirements. Also there is the Penn “football junior” handle rubber coated handle that is on most Penn reels today. 

Ergonomic Design

The drag lever does not come above the side plate or frame. This prevents line from catching on the drag lever when the outrigger pops, or any time they may be a line jump, or slack line.


Same system as used in the International reel. The drag system is also sealed, with the cover threaded on. Stainless steel drag plate, dura drag washer is built on the spool?

Line Capacity Rings

These rings show the angler when the line on the spool is at 1/3, 2/3 or Full. This is great if you hook a good fish while at anchor. You can look at the line capacity rings, and if the fish is taking a heap of line, you can easily make the call to pull up the anchor and chase the fish.

Switch Blade Harness Lugs

These lugs pop up when they are needed, buts as most anglers rarely ever use the lugs on their reels, they can be pushed back down so that they stay down below the frame and out of the way.

3 Position Clicker

The clicker can be OFF, INTERMEDIATE OR FULL. This allows for a heavier or lighter setting depending on your type of fishing, such as dead baits or live baits etc …








Value For Money

Our Review:

The Penn Squall Lever Drag Single Speed conventional reel is a favorite among many anglers. If you’re looking for a well priced reel that you can use for bottom fishing, jigging, even some trolling, then the Squall Lever Drag should be worth considering.

These reels are light weight yet very robust, and will take day after day of hard fishing. As with any reel, provided you are not fully immersing your reel and are giving it regular maintenance, then you will get years of service out of it.

We like that the lever drag is very easy to use. I take complete novice fisherman out regularly and they have no problem using these reels. We found these reels to be powerful and had the ability to put the hurt on some good sized Kingfish.

I do a lot of live baiting, and I find the adjustable 3 – Position Clicker to work well, as it allows me to set the bait and drag perfectly depending on the size of bait and the water I am fishing in. However this feature is not popular with every angler, and there have been some issues with the clicker system failing.

These are a quality light weight reel that features some great modern technology.

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