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The Curado range of reels from Shimano have been a very popular design. The Shimano Curado 70 Baitcasting Reel is a very compact design which is proving popular among freshwater an saltwater anglers. Yes the Curado 70 is approved by Shimano for saltwater use. So these reels are not strictly the domain of bass fisherman.

Any angler who loves light tackle, and does any form of pitching, casting, flipping and slow jigging lures should take a closer look at this reel.

Models Available:


The CU70HG and CU70XG are right hand models.

The CU71HG and CU71XG are left hand models.

Shimano Curado 70 Main Features & Technology:

Hagane Body

The body of the reel is aluminum with high rigidity, yet also very lightweight. The Hagane design does a very god job of eliminating flexing in the reel body. This gives the angler a good strong cranking action, and allows for improved casting ability.

Shimano S3D Stable Spool Design

Baitcasters can have a spool vibration that has a negative effect on casting. The S3D acts to stabilize and balance the spool in order to reduce any vibration.

Adjustable SVS Infinity System

This is an innovative braking and cast control system by Shimano. SVS Infinity provides consistent spool control and brake force. The system is fully adjustable for the conditions and weight of lure. The brake weights will adjust the spool speed to improve precision casting. This is all achieved via an external control knob.


Shimano’s proven X-Ship design has been included in this reel. This makes for a very durable and smooth reel. The pinion gear is supported at both ends with bearings, keeping it in alignment with the main gear even when the reel is loaded up with a good fish. This adds to a longer life of the reel due to much less friction, and for a much smoother operation.

Easy Spool Access

There is a side hatch that is opened by a switch on the bottom of the reel frame. This allows you to slide the spool out, and provide access to the breaking system.

5+1 S A-RB Shielded Bearings

These are the standard bearings that you find in most reels. However they are protected by stainless steel shields. This allows for the reel to be used for saltwater fishing. However like most reels, you need to take care that they are not full immersed or drenched. Regular cleaning is a must!

One Way Roller Clutch Bearing

Allowing for solid hookups without any back play.








Value For Money

Our Review:

The Curado range of reels by Shimano have been around for over 25 years. They are a proven popular design, and have been the go to for many light tackle freshwater and saltwater anglers.

For those of you who want to fish lighter lines and use smaller lures, then a baitcaster type reel is what you need, as the standard reels don’t handle the light tackle as well. Many fisherman don’t want to switch to a light spinning reel, and want the greater accuracy a baitcaster can provide.

So if you’re in the market for a quality low profile baitcaster reel, the Curado 70 range is seriously worth considering. You can’t really go wrong with these reels, and your decision will most likely come down to brand preference and more importantly budget.

If you’re just getting into baitcasting, then a lower priced reel may be a better choice. But there is nothing wrong with starting out with one of these reels. They are starting to get up in price, however you certainly get what you pay for, and won’t be disappointed.

In our opinion if you like to fish with braid and love a small sized smooth reel, then you will really enjoy fishing with this reel. The combination of the smooth carbon drag, light weight and impressive casting ability this reel has to offer, will keep you coming back to this reel each time you go fishing.

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