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At ICAST 2017 Shimano released yet another improved version of its flagship baitcasting range, the Curado K. Shimano has built a legacy with the Curado range which has been around for over 25 years. This is very much the staple reel for many baitcasting anglers fishing both freshwater and saltwater.

The Curado K is the next in line in the legacy, so if you’re in the market for a quality reel then this is worth a look.

Models Available:

CU200K, CU201K, CU200HGK, CU201HGK, CU200XGK, CU201XGK

The CU200K, CU200HGK, CU200XGK are right hand models.

The CU201k, CU201HGK, CU201XGK are left hand models.

Both right and left hand models come in 3 different gear ratios. These reels are designed to be used in both freshwater and saltwater.

Shimano Curado K Main Features & Technology:


Curado K Technology

MicroModule Gearing 

The incorporation of this gearing system from Shimano has produced the desired effect of making this reel super smooth. This reel is Curado K is noticeably smoother than previous versions of this reel. The MicroModule gear itself is larger in size and they have decreased the size of the teeth, whilst increasing the number of them. This helps to provide smooth power transitions.

Hagane Body

There are no surprises that they have designed the reel with a Hagane Body. The aluminum body is designed to be light weight, but be string enough to prevent flexing. The body of the Curado K is about 10% smaller than previous models, making it even more compact and light weight.

CI4+ Side Plate

The new design has a new design using Shimanos CI4+ material. This further lightens the weight of the reel, yet managing to keep good strength and rigidity. Overall this enhances the compact and ergonomic design.


Providing a larger drive gear backed up with improved bearing support of the pinion gear, this reel can really perform when loaded up with a good fish. The X-Ship system keeps the main gear and the pinion gear aligned to reduce friction, improve durability and provide a much smoother operation.

SVS Infinity Braking System 

The SVS system provides a wide range of brake settings for the angler. With consistent spool control and brake force the SVS system allows for long and accurate casts.

Shimano S3D Stable Spool Design 

The S3D system delivers a very smooth feeling when casting and retrieving lures. The goal of this system is to reduce any vibration in the spool.

6+1 S A-RB Stainless Bearings

Shielded bearings are protected to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the reel.








Value For Money


Our Review:

Anglers who are already fishing with earlier versions of the Curado low profile reel, won’t need any convincing that the new Curado K is worth serious consideration. These reels will already be the “go to” in their tackle arsenal. These reels are mid ranged in price, however are well worth the financial investment.

This is the flagship reel of the low profile baitcasting range for Shimano, it is a proven model which the designers keep tweaking with new and improved technology. These reels are tournament winners for professional freshwater and saltwater anglers, including serious amateur anglers. So proof of the design is there.

We love the lightweight and ergonomic feel of the reel. It is incredibly smooth to operate, but can take a while to figure out your preferred settings. Casting small to medium lures is a breeze. The reel comes in three sizes for both left and right handed anglers, meaning there is an option for everyone.

We think these reels have a very high build quality, however it’s worth noting that some purchases have suffered malfunctions with the side plate and the thumb release. Retailers and Shimano have immediately addressed these very small number of reported cases. But with proper care this reel will provide years of hard fishing and service to any angler.

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