In 2018 Shimano released a new version of their very successful Stella range. This is the FJ and it replaces the very successful FI. This reel has been designed for freshwater and inshore saltwater use.

So what has changed with this new version?

Well in this blog post we will break down some of the parts that Shimano has put into this latest model the FJ.

All images a courtesy of Shimano Japan.

A Brief Overview Of The 2018 Stella:

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There is not much you can drastically change with an already very well designed and successful reel. Unless there is a major development in reel technology, then all a manufacturer can do is tweak and improve the existing design. This is something you see with all reel manufacturers.

Any reel with the Stella name is packed with all the best and latest technology that Shimano has developed. This applies to this reel as well.

So the engineers designing the FJ set out with one goal in mind …. that was to make this reel the smoothest, quietest and most durable model ever.

To do this, the redesigned the drive gear and added the Micro Module II gear to get the ideal tooth shape. To minimize any rattling and play in the reel, and to improve the rigidity when under load, they incorporated their Silent Drive Concept.

To improve durability and enhance use in saltwater environments, the reel has gone from using the Core Protect to X-Protect. This improves the water proofing of the reel by roughly 5 times the original.

Stella Low Friction Roller Clutch

Low Friction Roller Clutch:

Introducing a compact and low friction roller clutch to the reel, there is a significant reduced friction compared to previous versions of the reel.

Stella Metal Roller

Metal Rotor:

By using a metal rotor, the reel benefits from higher rigidity. There is also an inertia that comes as a by product of the metal, which helps give a smooth feeling to the angler.

Stella DLC Line Roller

DLC Line Roller:

The surface of the line roller has been coated with diamond like carbon. This helps to reduce friction of line passing through the roller, and allows it to get back on the spool faster. It is also much less likely that the line will get snagged in the roller.

Coiled Wave Spring Stella

Coiled Wave Spring:

The coiled wave spring allows the angler to make small adjustments and fine tune the drag under high or low drag loads. With a good fish on, you don’t want to have sudden and drastic drag changes. This allows the angler to make small and smooth drag adjustments as required, while fighting a fish.

Washers Stella

Felt & Cross Carbon Washers:

The STL1000 up to the STL4000 models make use of Felt washers. The STLC5000 is a new size in the Stella range, which makes use of a cross carbon washer.

These are just a few of the features and technology in this popular reel. We will be adding more to this post over time, as we dig deeper into the inner workings and technology. We are hoping to get some older versions of the reel and pull them apart on video and post them to the website.

So make sure you check back soon.